Tipps Maxwell




Tipps spent much of his youth in different libraries throughout Faerun, while his parents did research. While in these libraries he himself sought out information about certain monks. He witnessed the amazing feats these monks could perform at a festival. He had studied several of these books and tomes and found references to great monks like Penpahg D’Ahn, Danica Bonaduce, Afafrenfere and Grand Master Kane. After careful studying he pieced together some techniques and a location of a very remote monastery. This monastery disguised itself well as a place of exceptional artisans. Tipps started his training on his way to search for this monastery at the age of 10. He practiced many basic techniques he had read about, stretching, breathing and meditation exercises. The caravan taught him many things while he traveled with them but he took a liking to brewing spirits and the Master Brewer Alchy O’lic said he had a gift. He continued his training and his brewing on his long journey to the monastery. Even his brews were given a seal of approval by the dwarves. He was 13 when he finally made it to the region of the monastery and another 6 months searching for it. When he finally made it the monks were reluctant to take him in. They offered him a room for a few nights in exchange for the some of the spirits that he had brought with him. Each morning he would practice his exercises and the monks would watch invisible from the shadows. They were impressed but they realized he lacked discipline and form. Every now and then they would show him properly and he would prefect it quickly. The monks made him swear an oath of secrecy and informed him of what this order did. The monkshere were not only gifted in there martial styles but they were also masters of artisanal trades. Aftermany years under the tutelage of the masters in brewing and martial arts, he would have to make hisown place in this world and he would receive jobs periodically delivered to him. Tipps set up his home and brewing shack at the base of Star Mounts in the High Forest. As a monk trained to become a master in the Way of Shadow he was given task to be a silent observer during many great meetings and send a missive back to his monastery with the information. When not taking jobs he would practice brewing many different spirits from rare ingredients found all over from mountain tops to the Underdark. This had ultimately led to his capture by the drow.

Tipps Maxwell

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